Jean here. Digital Designer, Concept Hunter, and Ideas Gatherer.

Living in Copenhagen. Spent most of my time in the Nordics with a mission to learn Scandinavian design, and how to apply it.

Worked as:

Concept Developer
With the goal of finding the correct idea for an ongoing process of a product development. A graphic idea is not the same as a full circle concept where all adaptions and possibilities are being considered. Concepts are presented as fitting to the end goal/product. Be it graphical boards with text and images, motion graphics or models. My key abilities are printed and visual concept production.


Interface Designer
To create and deliver visual design based on briefings. Designs are revised through opinionated dialog. Self-taught myself gained an understanding of how native mobile platforms and responsive web platforms should work. By working with engineering teams I learned about UX patterns, while my UI skills are supported by a few years of digital agency work.


Giving consultation in any creative field, including personal consultation for young creatives. As a service provider or individual business, you could use my experience to gain knowledge when working with creative development, how to build a strong online visual presence or what creative initiatives you could start right away. Or maybe you just need a different eye on your current company profile.


Making educational workshops on specific field or applications within my expertise areas. Targeted mostly for young creatives. All the material is set up ahead of time or in view of a proposed topic of a particular workshop. The goal is always to create inspiration and to establish foundation knowledge and a solid understanding of basics and best practices.


Worked at:

Vertic →
Digital agency started in Copenhagen and expanded to NYC and Singapore.

As a Interface Designer


Multidisciplinary creative agency that devlopes full brand strategy, graphic, web and motion design.

As a Graphic Designer


Patchwork Denmark →   
Social media ad agency developing social marketing strategies in the Nordics.

As an Art Director